Using audiojungle preview in videohive project

Can I use the preview audiojungle author grafted onto my videohive? With the indication of the author audio preview?


Yes, you can!

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thanx you so much !))) :grinning:

Do I need permission of author?

Nope, no permission required, although I’m sure they’d like to know where their work is being used. Just make sure to provide a link to the music in your item description.


Some my Videohive friends used my preview music and give me a link to my item. It’s fair man.

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thank you for the ansver :+1:

you have very lovely compositions :relaxed: :musical_note: . I think I will use some for my preview videos.
with link to your page of course.

and hove about stock footage of other authors? can I use it for my preview video?
for example if I want make preview video fore some of my AE Projects.

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Yep, that’s fine. Just add a link to the video in your description.

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I think every audiojungle author would be honoured and happy if their compositions would be used in another creative art form. And it takes just a second to send a link to author

Can I use watermarked stock footage from Videohive to put it on top of my tracks and upload it on Youtube?