Can i use music from audiojungle for free?

Hi, i am video expert and i wanna start making projects and try to sell them on I saw there a lot of templates and most of them using music with “audio-jungle” on it, is that free?
I will make templates thare and link to a song i used in that templates. Is that legal?


Hi, rakicko!
Use in project tracks only with watermark and set link to original item of track in Audiojungle.
That is legal.

Ryu is correct! You can use any “Audio Jungle” watermarked tracks inside your Videohive demos. It is important to provide a link back to the item you’re using - and it is also good practice to let the composer know you’re using the track (though not required) so that the composer can also display the potential use of his music (and advertising for the Videohive producer as well.)

Browse my portfolio and see if there’s anything you like :slight_smile:

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Yes you can use the watermarked preview files, but make sure you give link to that item on your description section :slight_smile:

Hi rakicko feel free to use my watermarked music for you videos. When you link to my file, I will also link to your file.

Hello Rakicko,
feel free to use my music! Just let me know if you like something :wink:

Absolutely. Check out my profile, and my Exclusive profile here:

You’re welcome to use anything watermarked that you’d like in your videos.


Like everyone said, use watermarked preview files and it would be good to link that song that you use in your description and to inform the author of that song so he or she could also link your video project in description of that song. All this is not necessary but it`s very good for mutual promotion and it can increase sales for both of you. :slight_smile:

You can check out here some songs, so if you like something just let me know.

Thanks to you all, i will use music if on it I hear envato or audiojungle, will let author about it and will post link bellow my video. Will check your music and lett you know. THANKS AGAIN!

Hi rakicko,

Feel free to use any of my AudioJungle watermarked music on your video projects.
If you do let me know and I will also link back to your item which is using it via my page.

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Hi friends! If someone wants to use my tracks in your projects, I’ll be happy! Mutually posted a link to Your work in your profile :slight_smile:

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Well, thank you. I started some project on youtube, because I am photographer and video producer, and will produce a lot of videos. If someone want a cooperation, lett me now. I will produce videos and wanna have music on it, can post link in decrption, credits and all like that. Maybe will your songs get more views and purchase then, but without audiojungle part. Letts work together…

This is not permitted.

You can use Audiojungle previews with watermark only for your VideoHive previews, not for any videos.

If you want to use Audiojungle music on your own videos, you will have to buy a license. Audiojungle authors are not allowed to give away their AJ music for free.

Hi! Here’s my portfolio for your use!)

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you can also find something useful in my portfolio:

“energetic” audiologo and stingers, happy motivational, romance, epic, cinematic, weird, children… i’ve got it all! :slight_smile:

Hi Nikita- i loved your sound “future-base” can i use it for free with a link to your portfolio (and let me know how is better for you.
Spassibo = Thanks in advance