can i use audio jungle previews out here?

HI guys! somebody knows if its allowed to use watermarked audio preview to use for my projects in other marketplaces. Thanks in advance

Hi jvirgos,

I think you are very welcome for the most AJ authors if you want to use their watermarked items in your previews. The only thing you should do is to put a little credit with a link to the author or the used item on your item page or wherever you will show it. He will surely do the same to your project. :wink:

You can always do it with mine if you want.

Just ask the author if the permission is not already written down on his profile page.

I hope I could help you.

Cheers, Udo

Generally if you use the preview items and link to where the music is then it’s perfectly fine. You can see in profiles a lot of people that have put Video Hive authors are welcome to use the preview files. That is what that message is talking about. Your welcome to any of my previews.

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You are allowed to use watermarked previews only in the Envato marketplaces. If you wanted to use them on an external site, you would need to purchase a license. In neither case would you be able to sell the music as part of your projects. Potential customers would need to license the music tracks separately.

I hope that clears i tup.


I don’t think that’s correct Gari. Authors use watermarked files on YouTube to promote their music - this is encouraged, so what’s the difference here? Just provide a link to the AJ file and all should be good.

The question was for use on other marketplaces.
“use watermarked audio preview to use for my projects in other marketplaces”

To this, no it’s no allowed but yes, you could use other peoples watermarked audio on YT (which isn’t marketplace) if you are an Envato author and it links back the Envato sites.

You might want to check through the archives, as this has been discussed many time in the past.


if you want to use my music do so but please let me know first!

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I also have a statement on my page for VideoHive Authors. Please go ahead and use any of my previews, all I ask is if you could share and I will do the same.

I was also under the impression that watermarked previews could only be used within the envato marketplace, and not on other sites that sell items. You Tube,as mentioned, is not a marketplace, so you’ll find many videos on there with AJ watermarked music. Maybe admin can clear things up. :slight_smile:

Well in case you can’t use audio jungle music previews, if you want to still use my music, I’d be happy to get you an audio preview for you to use.

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I love your Epic Cinematic Trailer music, I would like to use it for my intro.
Here is link:
Do you mind for my request?

The Brothers Gaming

Will you use it for your videohive template? In that case please go ahead
and let me know about it, so that can promote it! :slight_smile:

Oh man! Yes of course! Please! Feel free to use my music! :wink: