Non purchased Audio Jungle Tracks on Videohive previews

Am I the only one to be shocked to see that so many video hive and theme forest pages use audio jungle preview tracks for their presentation, meaning that they probably didn’t pay the music?
I paid my images on Envato in order to build the best looking portfolio i could (and it still is pretty simple).
So why again isn’t it the same for people towards music?
I understand that some authors have too many theme to put on envato, and that it would be a budget. Envato could get the community special prices, but not let them use freely works from other community’s people.

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Well, you get credit and link to your item when an author uses your watermarked track in their item previews, which most likely will bring more profit to you than the cost of a special license that would probably be priced less than $19.

Envato specifically allows authors to use Envato items in the preview of their own Envato items.

Having your music in Videohive previews is one of the best way to succeed on here, as a % of those VH sales convert to AJ sales.

Does it mean that i can do the same when promoting my music on envato? Meaning i can get any of the videos on video hive and make it a demo for my music, posting it in the track’s page?

With proper credits to the author, you should be fine.