Use Preview Version for Youtube ?

Hi guys, I’m new to audio jungle…
I wanna ask, can I use the preview version (one with audio jungle voice watermark) of music from audio jungle on my youtube video without purchasing it?
Thanks for your reply ~

I think it is necessary! Because a lot of users are looking for this service and can later get to your page on AJ

I think at the very least you should be getting permission from the author and crediting them correctly


Yeah, what Charlie said. If you’re not crediting the author or linking to the item, then the answer is definitely 100% no… you’re using something for free tat you should be paying for.

But if you are crediting the author and linking to the item then it’s more of a grey area. There’s still an element of ‘you should be paying to use the track’ but you’re also providing free marketing to the author.

So yeah, do what Charlie advises and speak to the author.

Only Envato authors may use Envato item’s previews to include in their own Envato items. Crediting the AJ author and linking to the item’s page is a requirement.

If you mean to use a preview for something that is not a direct Envato item, then it is a clear no, of course not (no gray area here). Previews cannot be used (other than in the instance described above) as a free way to get music for your YT channel.