help! about videohive videos policy

HI, i need some help here. I just asking if someone knows what’s the policy of using videohive videos?
if i want to promote any of my music tracks with some videohive video in sync with my music, but giving the proper credits to the author.
Is that possible?
What can we do as composers in this case? what do you audiojungle authors do?
Thanks in advanced, im starting out.

I don’t know for sure, but I guess, that you can use the video preview of the videohive file (with the watermark as it appears on envato) with the link to the page and another one with the author profile.

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Great news! Thanks a lot for your response!! Good luck!!!

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Hi. Yes, you can use it. Info here:
I do it some times :slight_smile:

You may use watermarked Envato Market items (with the Envato watermark) in this way:

  • You do not need to ask permission of the other author of the watermarked asset
  • You can only use the watermarked asset in your item preview, not the download file
  • You need to credit the author of the watermarked asset and link back to the original asset page in your item description.
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I am realizing that the previous information refers to previews in item pages. I’m sure I read something similar about promoting items out of the envato markets (personal website, youtube, and so on), and that you could use watermarked items from any envato market if you are using it to promote your envato item, and if you include all the links to the items used.

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Thanks for your response!! Im starting out and this is very helpful to me. Thanks a lot!!!

Yes, It is ok. I use it too :slight_smile: Good luck my friend!

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