Using the works of the authors Videohive in the works of the authors Audiojungle

Help to find out the question. The authors of Videohive can use music with a watermark with Audiojungle in their works. Can the authors Audiojungle also use the work of the authors of Videohive with a watermark to make a short movie for YouTube. In this case, indicate that the video can be bought from the link - and give a link to the page of this work on Videohive?

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very good question:)

I would still like to know the opinion of the administration of Envano, how will they react to this? Perhaps one of the authors of Audiojungle has done so already?

Currently, I have 2 templates on Videohive and a lot of people have uploaded my preview videos on YouTube and they have put a link to my products with their referral link. I have to be stupid to refuse a free advertisement. Everybody wins this way. Many people upload Videohive preview videos on their channels without asking the authors and the authors do not make problems as long as they see their link for their product in the description.

You are writing about a lil bit different things. You are writing about typical uploads on YouTube. I guess 75% of all Videohives items automatically appear on YouTube through bots programs. But Max does’nt want just upload videos on YouTube like a referal. He whants to use those videos as a background for his musick tracks. So it’s a ittle bit different thing. I agree that no one will be against a free promotion. But I guess it will be better to asks the authors of the videos