Videos from videohive as promotion

Hi friends,

I didnt find the answer by search in the forum so here is my question.
When I was browsing the videohive stock videos I noticed a download button just like on AJ to download a preview in this case of the video.

I found a nice stock video which would suit a track of mine on aj very nice and I would like to promote it on youtube. Both for the videohive author and for myself.

Can we use the downloaded video and place your own music in it and promote it on youtube? Of course with name and both links to the actual video at videohive and link to audiojungle?



Well, Videohive authors use AJ previews to promote their items on Youtube, Vimeo, etc…, so I think it’s not fair to prevent AJ authors from using VH previews to promote their tracks…
However, I’m not confirming that you can use VH previews, so you still need to contact the support team just to make sure…

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You can upload a VH preview to Youtube and link to it in the video description. As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with that. And I’m guessing (not 100% sure) you can upload an AJ preview to Youtube and link to that in the video description. I’m not too sure on your approach though, as you’re essrntially combining two separate elements to make a new element.

For example… I’m sure they wouldn’t, but what if the VH author really hates the music you add to their video. They may feel you’re doing their video a disservice. I’d double check with support on that one, probably best to ask the authors in question to be on the safe side.

You can use my videos until you get a definitive answer though :wink:

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Other authors and affiliates’ use of your item: An Envato affiliate can use your item thumbnail previews in their promotion of the Envato Market and no compensation is due for these uses. A fellow author may also use a watermarked preview of your item in a preview of their own Envato Market item without requiring your permission and without compensating you. The other author must credit you by providing a link to your item on the Envato Market.

But to be shure try to make a staff request…

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Thanks a lot guys for the help! I will contact support to make sure.

keep us updated, I think all of us interested in results.

yeah! It’ s very interesting… =)

Very interesting topic! Any news?

Guys I wanted to know , where in the forums a proper thread where I can suggesting personal AJ track for videohive projects??I couldnt find one. or need to contact VH artist personally??