411 on VideoHive collaborations

Hi all! I have a newbie question:

I’ve noticed that many VideoHive products have AudioJungle music on them. Some seem to have the audio watermark on them, and some don’t (or maybe the watermark is faint enough that I’m not noticing it).

What is typical on VideoHive/AudioJungle collaborations? Do they usually just grab our previews and put them in their product with links back to the song’s page? Or do we give them non-watermarked music, and they link back to the watermarked preview?

Just curious what is usual.


Per Envato rules Videohive is to use watermarked previews only. It is a courtesy for the videohive author to give credit to the AJ author and/or provide a link to the track detail page. Likewise the AJ author can reciprocate and show a link to the video as additional promotion. It can be a very powerful marketing opportunity.

Thanks for replying MidnightSnap! Good to know that they are to use watermarked previews only.

Hi! Usually just take preview and make back links! :slight_smile: