Using the works of the authors Videohive

Help to find out the question. The authors of Videohive can use music with a watermark with Audiojungle in their works. Can the authors Audiojungle also use the work of the authors of Videohive with a watermark to make a movie for YouTube. In this case, indicate that the video can be bought from the link - and give a link to the page of this work on Videohive?


Great question @MaxRazumov!
Sweat it out for answers :v:

Hello @MaxRazumov!
I think it’s ok to use the watermark videos as long as you (of course) credit the author with a link ( your refferal of course :slight_smile: . Who wouldn’t want free promo on youtube or any other site?
Best wishes!

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I would still like to know the opinion of the administration of Envano, how will they react to this? Perhaps one of the authors of Audiojungle has done so already?

Yes it’s already been done. It’s written somewhere in the FAQ that you can use Envato asset previews to promote your own Envato assets.

Although, while it makes sense to use an AJ preview in a VH item, as the music is a component of the VH item, I fail to see the logic in doing it the other way around, as the VH item is not a component of the AJ item, and thus serves no purpose.

You can, for example, make your own video for Youtube - with your music and video taken from Videohive. This video will be much more interesting. Than if you make a movie with a static picture.

In my opinion, it will bring more confusion than excitement. Your buyers are buying music not some videos. Also, they are looking for a music that fits their video, not some other random videos that you chose.

But maybe it’ll work out fine for you.