More Copyright Claims - AudioJungle Authors

Hi, I’m receiving more and more copyright claims on my youtube channel from audiojungle authors, I’m a videohive/elements Ae template author. Even if the tracks are watermarked with “audiojungle” and helping them gain exposure by placing their links on my descriptions.


Why not use mine codes in your YT :grin:

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You need a license to use the music. The music is usually automatically claimed using Youtubes Content ID system. It’s highly unlikely that the authors themselves are manually doing this. If you purchase the music, and link the license to your video then you won’t have any problems.


So you are complaining about getting copyright claims on music you are using without a licence?

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nope, music previews are watermarked. I also place their links inside the template to channel buyers to their sales pages. music previews still needs license?

even with preview ones? like music playing “audiojungle, audiojungle, audiojungle” until music ends?

sorry, what do you mean mine codes?

Of course, that’s how it works. You’re using the music without having the proper license. Just because the watermark is there doesn’t mean you arent using it without the proper permissions.

It’s the same thing as someone recording the preview of one of your video templates, using it for their own purposes, then linking to your profile in the description saying it’s free exposure. They never purchased your template, so they don’t have any legal rights to use it.

Of course you need a license to use the music outside of Envato Market.


I see, my bad. I see it’s complicated to help using previews and placing the audiojungle links in there.

I see, my bad

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Audiojungle items have an “YouTube Content ID Registered: YES/NO” attribute.
So if you don’t want to receive copyright claims,
use items with this attribute set to “No”.

Some people want more exposure/sales.
Some people want to go to the Videohive forum and write “Why videohivers don’t use my tracks” on the topic “Audiojungle Videohive Collaboration”.

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Ou :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: Interesting information :face_with_monocle: I didn’t know about it.
Am I right? If I don’t wanna have any problems with YouTube, I should use music tracks like this in my project’s preview:


As I understand, I will have a problem if I use music tracks with the «YouTube Content ID Registered: YES»
What about the music track that have no neither «NO» nor «YES»? I mean I see some Audiojungle items without the «YouTube Content ID Registered» line :no_good_man:


ah this is very helpful info

Awesome, thanks for the details

Hi. You can ask AudioJungle author to put your channel to whitelist. I think no one will refuse.

Okay let me try then

It looks a little absurd. As long as you have the watermark on and the links posted in the description the author from audiojungle benefits of free advertising. Why would you be upset about that? You are not solding their previews.

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that will be an additional work, asking each author for each music, then of course hopefully they would respond, and then there are times you would need to get their response right away… but of course we understand the side of the audiojungle authors, “this is how it works” right?

I’m sorry for situation is being stressfull for video-makers, but as a musician and AJ author i can say i’m not happy with all this, when in the middle of the night you get an email from angry videomaker with “why am i getting copyright claims, i bought a license, is this a fraud?”, it’s not cool too. So it creates some difficulties, but it’s “necessary evil”, in order to make musicians be able to write music and provide new content. If you only knew, as musician, how many times you work has been used without any compensation, you would understand why authors are registering their tracks. It’s not about greed, it’s about survival.

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