Copyright Infringement??


Hey guys, i’m opening this thread in the hope that maybe some other authors have experienced something similar to this. I’ve just received a copyright infringement notice from envato on one of my items, regarding the music.

Now the item is frozen, but here is the link to it :

As you can see in the preview i’m using the watermarked version of the audio, and in the description i was linking to audiojungle where you can purchase this link.

Did something like this happen before to you guys? And also, I have no idea where I can go to edit the item and submit it again with a different track, so hopefully someone from the staff can tell me how to edit this item now.

Thanks guys, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Can’t you find the item in the hidden items tab?


Hey. I just received a warning email about the same issue( copyright infringement ). Here is the deleted item :
When posting the item everything was fine all images in the preview are from graphicriver the music was from audiojungle and it was watermarked. It seem that the audiojungle author is no longer on envato and i discovered that the track dont exist anymore on audiojungle. Its not our fault if the author moved the copyrights of his track. Why we receive a warning mail ??? It should be just notification. The item is not even in the hidden items to make changes and repost with another track. In that way if another audiojungle make same i will banned for copyrights. Its not logic. Or should i check links for preveiw track for all my items every week ? And if someone have 100 item. He must do this ? Please we have to fix this issue and do not consider the mail as warning because its not logic at all. I will contact support for more clarification.


Mine is not in hidden items


Nope, it’s not in the hidden items. On the item page it says no longer available and i don’t have the option to edit and submit a new file :frowning:


Although it’s a bit of a pain, it makes sense. You have the right to use watermarked previews of AudioJungle tracks in your items… but if the track is no longer on AudioJungle then the right no longer exists.

It’s possible the track itself was a copyright violation and shouldn’t have been on the site in the first place. Another option could be that the author sold the rights to the track, so the new owner doesn’t want it elsewhere on the intent etc. Either way, if the track is no longer on AJ and the author doesn’t want people using it, then they have the right.


Yep, that sucks. I can’t seem to find the original track that i’ve used, without having the original link. The same thing (author leaving audiojungle) might have happened here.

I mean that’s fine and all, but you’re right. It should be a notification, not a copyright warning. But the thing that bothers me is that I can’t find an option anywhere to resubmit the item with a new track. I’ll open up a ticket and see what the staff has to say and get back with any updates i have


I completely agree that they have a right to claim copyright infringement. But the audiojungle author could’ve just contacted me directly and ask me to change the track. How is anyone supposed to know when an author from audiojungle leaves or takes down their track? There was no notification about this, unless I personally track all my items regularely.

But the issue I’m having right now is that I don’t have an option to resubmit the item, I don’t have an “edit item” tab anywhere on the item page.

I might be missing something here, but I don’t know where to go to simply change the soundtrack for my preview.

I’ll see if I can get some help through a ticket, thanks for your input man. I hope this doesn’t happen too often for other authors :frowning:


Voxyde is right. I said that on my reply. So we can be banned if it happen one more time without be the reponsable. It should be in term of notification not warning. Envato have to fix this issue to avoid banning authors due to copyrights without beiing reponsable.


Yes, that’s an even bigger issue that we risk being banned for something like this. If I have 50 items and use soundtracks from one single author that left audiojungle, and then this author claims copyright infringement for my 50 items the next day, am i getting banned? Something doesn’t seem right here.

Shouldn’t it be something like: “Hey, this author is no longer an audiojungle author and you have 7 days to resubmit using another track, or we disable your item” ?

Instead my item is getting instantly disabled, and now i’m losing sales AND get a warning which may lead to getting banned.

Not cool.


I agree. I opened a ticket too and lets wait for the answer. Please anyone have the info post it here and we must solve this issue because it seem not coll at all specially about banning