Preview file "Watermarks"


hi guys ! Recently I noticed that many bloggers and many other youtube users( including producers) just downloading AudioJungle “preview” files ( with Watermarks) and use in their commercial and non commercial projects. Cuz they very carefully search the items where the “Watermarks” sound very quiet.
So…to protect against theft just make the Watermarks sound louder

like this one


Yeah. this is a good tip. I also noticed this.


You are right


ha haa “Gays” this us just letter wrongs …


well…make it louder to be a little annoying after 1 minute,
but not too loud so real customers are not annoyed by it and not buying it as an effect.

I remember this advice being given by an Envato staff or by an official document from Envato website.


How exactly do we report copyright infringement when we notice it? I just stumbled upon this video where you can clearly hear the watermark at the beginning


yes i heard that … The way to protect your items against theft, is only AdRev or others PRO sites. So if you protect your tracks in one of PRO sites you can report copyright infringement. I know only this way :slight_smile: