Abuse of AudioJungle

This Dutch company Albert Heijn (supermarket) makes abuse of AudioJungle.
They use music containing the watermark and have somewhat filtered it out.

Listen carefully.

What do you think ?

Omg It was difficult to me to find it, but yes…once a raised the volume there it is. Seems they did something like “phase invert” to neutralize the watermark


Can someone clarify for me, is it illegal to use the preview file with the watermark? Or just frowned upon…

yes this is illegal.
it’s using a product without buying its licence.

Ok thanks. I just thought since the preview is free to download, there might be a grey area. But that makes sense.

Has anyone ever taken action against companies like these? I know it’s not worth chasing them for $19, but shouldn’t Envato have a way to fine them or something?

Not necessarily. Could be an honest mistake made by the editor. Forgot to swap the preview for the real track. It happens. So we should not jump to conclusion and call a company thieves.

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Just contact the envato support and provide the video link ,let the team clarify this issue if the video owner buy this track they can provide the license then it’s the editor mistake.

The “phase inversion” method doesn’t work on the AJ watermark if you leave it as a stereo file before you add it to your song. Also note that when you do the trick, the resulting track will have to be played back in mono and this one is in stereo. Actually, I heard the watermark very clearly, so I don’t think they did anything except maybe EQ.

I agree with PurpleFogSound on the possible mistake and soundgridmedia on verification of a license by sending a link to Envato.

lol the cheek of them, and Albert Heijn would be one of the more expensive supermarkets here compared to others. Still, won’t stop me giving it a walk through to check if the apple slices are on Actie or not. Start selling here and I might get to rub shoulders with those well heeled shoppers again :grinning:


Never thought about verifying with Envato that they have purchased a license, that’s smart.

Did you try looking up the invoice? it might help unless they used an alias name.

As a Dutch author (and lawyer) I’m amazed that this can happen. I don’t think this is a deliberate action of Albert Heijn, but comes from any mistake or miscommunication by the advertising people involved. Asking for the license is the best way to go. And if it’s not provided, asking for many excuses and the promise to buy lot’s of tracks here in the future :grinning:



Just look on the invoice for a dutch company name perhaps?
Albert Heijn will have outsourced this commercial campaign to a advertisement bureaucy, and they probably made a mistake, since you will get more then enough payment from such a big company as Albert Heijn.



Thanks for all the comments so far.
It is not my track but I want to point out possible abuse. So the composer will know that and may take action.

This is the original track http://audiojungle.net/item/circus-clowns/131416

Maybe someone should contact him, not all authors read the forum. But to be honest, I think it’s a simple mistake. It was really hard to hear the watermark. Almost impossible.

Good idea Synchrotron!

I have already send him an email!

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His latest track is from 2010 so there’s a good chance he’s not reading the forums :slight_smile:

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Case closed then. LOL :slight_smile: