Audiojungle watermark Youtube video. Who's the author?

Just found this video with watermark over it.

Maybe someone can find the author of this soundtrack and ask them to buy the rights.


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How is it possible that a company can’t put or don’t want to buy a track for 19$ for a commercial like this one ? Who took the decision to do an advertising with a watermark on music…? Totally surrealist.

Mistakes can be made as well to be fair… Envato should be informed and set this straight.
Often times preview files are not switched out in the final product, even though a company has bought the full license.

I blame the audiojungle preview watermark sample… sounds too easy on the ears!
My mom was listening to one of my tracks once and said she really like the ladies voice in the mix. DOH!

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I like your mum.

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My kids will occasionally hear a piece of corporate-sounding music and begin saying “Audiojungle” every 10 seconds or so. :grin:


lol same here with my father :joy:

But I really can’t believe and imagine that it can be a mistake. Why not for a personal video but for a commercial… There are some people who control the final edits and validate the video before to put it online…

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