Found a video on YouTube with a Audio Jungle's watermark

on 43:53 clearly heard Audio Jungle’s watermark!
Is this a violation or am I mistaken?
what should i do in similar situations?

Do not worry !
Always can make monitization !

It’s simple matter bro. It’s not a violation. Cheers. :slight_smile:

@mixturethemes How do you know this isn’t a violation without contacting the video producer?

‘on 43:53 clearly heard Audio Jungle’s watermark’ for this watermark bro. :slight_smile:

@NWJoke is this your track?

Yeah, so did they steal the music or just forget to swap the preview for the correct file? We don’t know without contacting the video producer.

No, i just heard a watermark

I created this post, because maybe there is a creator of the track and it will help him. And how should I act if I see something else somewhere else?

In the beginning there is a track with the AJ watermark too.

@NWJoke thanks for your attention. I’ve reported this to Envato. They will investigate it.