Watermarked Audio on Youtube Ad

I was watching a video on Youtube yesterday, and as usual, was forced to watched a 15 second ad before I could watch the video. The 15 second commercial that played had an audiojungle watermark in it! The ad went by so fast, I could not get any info from it. I am trying to locate it again, but am I unsure of how I would report it. Not cool! I know they can use watermarked versions for spec work, but a Youtube ad is not a spec.
Has anyone ever encountered a youtube ad that had the audiojungle watermark? Were you able to report it?

There must be thousands if not millions of videos using unlicensed music from AJ. Unfortunately there is not much you can do. You can report it to Envato support, but they won’t do anything apart from giving you a “copyright ninja” badge.