Is this normal to find in YouTube?

Please check out the first 5 seconds of this YT video :

Tell me what you think.
ok I wasn’t so clear before but this person is using a preview audio file with the watermark, in the beginning of her video as a logo and as if it was hers. Is that normal to happen? Is that acceptable?, nothng to do against??

Thanks for your attention.

It happens sometimes because editors fail to swap out the watermarked preview with the clean version.
And it happens sometimes because someone is using the file illegally.
Either way, it’s not acceptable, and the author of the track should contact the person who uploaded the file.

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Exactly, Thanks I thought I was the only one who was thinking it was unacceptable.
FYI this is not my file, I uploaded here, as a proof of wrong doing and in order to made the concerned author known about this, I hope somebody will recognize it and solve this problem.
Thanks for your answer.

It happens because we, as people, do not have respect for property and other people’s work.If we can steal anything, we do it. Is beyond appreciation of artist talent and hard work.Is just about having and get it, no matter how . Regardless, i stumbled upon numerous videos on youtube which explain how to remove watermarks ! We tolerate and encourage theft . As St - Tropez said, just report it ,but i really doubt this will change anything.

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Register your work with Identifyy or Adrev.

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It’s a good idea to register with Identifyy or Adrev. Just if I’m an exclusive autor,
wouldn’t Envato have anything against this?

It is ok.