My Track with watermark on youtube!

Today I found a you tube video with my track with watermark! Please! can anybody advise what should I do?

Here is video:

Here is my track:

also I found more (just checking out my adrev account)

here you can listen that they tried to cut audio to not to hear the watermark:

I’m a little confused about this…

Regarding video title (Easecox BodyShape 3min NewMusic Preview A) its probably only preview version for the client or something. Maybe they already bought it or changed their mind, or still considering. Its only 6 views what probably proves my guess.

And look, YouTube says this video can be viewed from direct link only. Its not public.

I also was think so. but this video was added in September 2015… why did they didn’t removed it?

ah yeh! really! thanx for the help!
can u say anything about other videos?

Lol :smiley: I was in this situation too) Dude, mr. Enrize was right) Maybe, your track will buy this korean people later… ooor… japanese… oooor (Oh, god!) Asian! Whatever! And till your track will be using for preview of their video.

Heh, this Sims guy used a lot of watermarked AJ stuff on their videos, check his channel catalog :smiley:

Oww!!! They are Chinese :blush:

HAH! thats lol!

He probably owns more than 1000 dollars to all AJ authors already :slight_smile:

yeh may be. anything there is no matter their nationality.

so sad! is there any mays to stop him? ))))) think… no…

But as you said before you songs registered on AdRev system?? Why the system is not removed you songs from this videos and did’t protect you works?

I thought the point with AdRev was that they put a commercial on videos using music without a license to compensate the composer?

nice track, my friend
sounds really soft and commercial, i like it

It is called popularity, my friend. Eggs into a fist :slight_smile:

register your music with adrev, let them make millions of views on this video, and you just sit back, relax, and collect ad revenue.