Who wrote these tracks?

I just now looked at official youtube page of Nikon a video, and was very surprised when I heard that many tracks were provided with AJ watermark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqoTK_3PFt4
I am very curious about who wrote these tracks , and why they are with Audiojungle water marks.
Any ideas?


it’s the bad guys-:slight_smile:

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facepalm :confused: what the hell Nikon?

I think that it’s not a Nikon, but just “good” guy who want to earn on nikon Products and us music

It is the official channel of Nikon Russia, I cross-checked via nikon.ru.

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Maybe the pictures have watermarks too?:smile:

…and they say “Canon”. ;D

thats why we need to use AdRev.


It seems like nobody cares :neutral_face:

Sorry guys about it very ashamed for my country… :scream:

How sad… although I think a lot of companies do this, regardless of their status.

I would suggest to report it through the help center. They’ll take care of it.


this is disgusting!

What a greedy retards. Shame. I hope Nikon will deal somehow with this russian branch.

No wonder, I had some contact with film director, he asked me to write music for movie trailer(!) for free(!!!). Like it is just “addition and following” material. Great, light is not additional, camera is not addional, plot is not additional, but music… YES IT IS! :smile:

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Haha… for free? Did you tell him to sod off and stick his trailer where the sun dont shine? :smile:
Music does get underrated sometimes, but when someone asks you to do it for free… yikes! He probably did promise you “credits” though right? lol


Now you are ready to use this service for any reason:) AdRev will not help in this situation, because this guy downloaded the PREVIEW version - free file:) My suggestion - write us all in his comments that he was wrong :slight_smile: Any of our musical works he must to pay! as well as write about it in the Nikon. This situation is in any case of not profitable to Nikon

They have comments disabled, but the video remains the same with the same soundtrack.
Such a shame for Nikon!

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I made a comment on the video just now !

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Right now leave my comment too…

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Im not an Adrev guru but I think it does not make any difference for adrev, your track is still your track, with watermark or without, and if its used in a project on youtube it automatically makes you money, unless the yt channel owner wants to monetize that video himself, then they will need to buy a license…correct me if im wrong please.

I think AJ should complain because they are concerned too and lose money too.