How do they remove Audio Jungle Watermark????

I have found a video on Youtube using one of my tracks that hasn’t been sold and it does not have the water mark… So I was wondering how the hell do they manage to do such a clear job of removing the water mark. And as well why go through such hassle?

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troubling! I have read that some remove it with filtering but the results were not so great… can you pm me the link?

lol hi buddy this is not complicated, they bought and used , maybe some downloaded from a guy who had bought , or whatever … maybe there’s DDOS issues also , don’t worry cheating people normally find a way , unfortunately

the first thing I thought is Melodyne. you can remove some notes from the audio file, BUT It will not remove water mark clearly.

It’s not had any sales if I’m reading him right.

so maybe he’s been pirated one way or another, or mane not him but envato, we can imagine anything … This is the track…
This is the stolen video…
I am exclusive, so I do not have them uploaded else where.

He could’ve founda video with your track which was properly licensed then downloaded it and used the mp3 for his video :confused:

just noticed it has 0 sales will post a comment on the video and flag it

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Maybe they edited / replaced watermarked sections of the track with similar un-marked sections?


yes Kurlykovs say right.

I also flagged the video. This stuff is not on.

Earlier I read about a plugin (vst) which allowed to substract individual sounds if they have a separate reference files which you want to delet, forgot the name,but it’s real.

Probably it’s not a good idea to discuss it here

I think there are various apps out there that enable people to download your music for free from many sources. Is your music on Soundcloud for example? I’ve experienced similar problems, and can only assume my tracks have been downloaded from other sites rather than AJ.

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I think so too…

what? also… what?

That must be it purecomposition… i cant see how you could erase a audiologo that well with software. Do you have unwatermarked version out there somewhere Curly?

Really strange,how could they erase the watermark completely :confused:

Unfortunately when there’s a will there’s a way. There has been, and probably still are, YT tutorials on how to remove watermarks.