Protect the community against copyright violations!

Hello Dear Community!

Every week we just find AudioJungle music (hear the watermark) in social media or in company videos. Several times Lilla tried to find the author to help him by letting know about the violation against him, but we are a big community so Team HoneyLoud thought to open a new Topic and ask the community to post here any video material which is not licensed or is incorrectly applicated (maybe the customer bought but used the preview file by mistake).
After posting here, the author of each file can find out if is incorrectly used or is a copyright violation so he\she can talk with the support team.

So today we start this opportunity, we think this is useful for each of us!

The video we found:

So have a nice week everybody,
Lilla and Gergő from Team HoneyLoud


Hey, mates!

Another stolen track. From -0:41 starting the music, at -0:29 you can hear the watermark.

Team HoneyLoud

I guess better to write to support team with this issues.

Hello, @DPmusicStudio. I think is easier to help each other, because that’s how the support team can resolve the issue faster. I mean If I write them, about someone else’s music copyright violation I don’t know the exact details about the author and the music. How you know the process is faster if the violated author fills this form below:

So I think is better for the author who is violated to write by her/himself, because he/she save time for her/himself. I mean If the support doesn’t have to search the violated author and his item, the material which is stolen can be removed faster.
And the other point of view: if the material is not stolen, only the purchaser forgets to use the licensed version, it’s not better that the author can let know the support team like this?

Lilla (Team HoneyLoud)

hey! so I made the exact mistake and uploaded the video with the preview file, the editor forgot to replace the audio with the downloaded and licensed file. Is there anything I can do? does the license apply to the uploaded file?

Found another one on YouTube posted by Lego channel (6 million subs). I mean common, they can afford to license music properly.

Hi, @mlkoop I think this thread is really inactive, so I think the best decision is to write to the support center about the issue & to submit your request right here:

What if in Russia in most supermarkets playing the background music from audiojungle! ( They just downloaded the preview file, not buying an item) - Do they have the conscience to publish and play tracks with a watermark? :joy:

Perhaps me need to approach the store Manager and explain to him the legal rights to the music?! )))

Have us in Russia at all fun! :smile:

@HoneyLoud - What do you say?

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:laughing: I don’t know what to say :laughing: really. I wasn’t thinking about cases like this. And we are afraid of Russia, is so big and powerful :slight_smile: I think to myself as a creative woman, but not in this way :joy:

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Russia is not an occupier or an aggressor. People from all over the world live here! as for creative people, they are good and honest people! Let’s live together!

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Hey, I love Russian people. This was actually a sarcasm, maybe I used wrongly. Than sorry. :slight_smile:

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“Officially”. In fact when it comes to foreign policy, some of it’s actions can be perceived as a kind of aggression or occupation. No personal offence, I like Russian people. :slight_smile: But Russian foreign activities…

About LEGO commercial: I hope that author of this track registered in AdRev so he can receive some additional x0-x00$ from the youtube advert monetization.

Fun fact: sometimes video creators or their clients buy license but they forget to exchange versions from the project preview and they upload video with audio watermarked by accident.

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The initiative of this topic was to help each other & these video creators or their clients. Sadly is too inactive.