The AudioJungle watermark...

Hey everyone,
So, I bought a song off of AudioJungle, and in the two trailers that accompanied the full version, the AudioJungle watermark is still in the background? Why is this? Is there something I have to register somewhere?

Strange! You have a wav file with a watermark in the downloaded archive? This is a mistake! Write an email to the author! It maybe able to send you a file
And check the downloaded file! If this doesn’t work out, you will need to contact customer support

Hey @jty5010,

have you downloaded the purchased song?

Yup, I had a 1:30 some version, then a Trailer A and Trailer B (20-40s each). No watermark in the 1:30 version, but it was in both trailers, in both formats (mp3 and wav.) I ended up using the long version in the end, but Ill have to let the author know. I didnt know if there was some extra step I had to do or not…

Hello! This means that you did not buy the tracks, but downloaded the preview.
Have you paid for your purchase?

So is there a watermark or not?

Tell the author what? The fact that on all versions of the preview there was a watermark and on the long version did not have? And you downloaded preview for free and used it in your videos?
I think the author will ask you to pay for the track.

If you claim that there was a wav format and you bought a track, then you need to contact the author directly, or if the author does not answer, then contact Envato support!

Good luck!

No, it doesn’t.

He said there was a watermark in two versions and no watermark in the third.

In the first sentence he clearly states that he bought a licence…

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You can try to contact the author from his profile-page.

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