Struggling to find this Audio Jungle file

I must have looked through and checked a thousand audio files trying to find this one. It has the Audio Jungle Watermark but I have no idea of the name - it is used on a mock video done several years ago and I lifted this tiny piece from that video.

See this 15sec mp3 file:

My Client are adamant that they want to use this file if I can find it.

Can anyone help…does Envato monitor these posts?

Many thanks


I am not sure, but maybe Google Audio search can help you.

Unfortunately, this will be a tough one. I don’t think even Envato staff could help identify it under these circumstances. If you have the original unedited preview file (mp3), I can likely track it down myself. If you have any sort of ID number for the item (perhaps it will show in the timeline of your video editing program) then I can also look that up.

I ran it through ContentID and got no results back. Without the original preview file or ID, your only hope is that an audio author on the forums recognizes it, which is equally unlikely as it would be impressive.

Make sure to check your AudioJungle collections, Envato Elements downloads, and Envato Elements collections, just in case it’s hiding in any of those lists from way back then.

Thank you for taking the time to reply…I know is a hard one! Really appreciate it.

I only have the low-quality complied video mockup! So frustrating.

Thanks for the suggestion butI have tried all that already. Cheers!

Have you tried uploading it to YouTube to see if it triggers a copyright claim?