Identify This Demo Audio Jungle song

Hi Envato Community,
I was given this track with ‘Audio Jungle’ watermarked throughout. It was renamed so I cannot locate it yet. I want to purchase this track. Can you help me identify this track? Your help is much appreciated!

Please Copy and paste the above link, it doesn’t auto direct . Thank you so much

Do you have the original, unedited file that was downloaded directly from AudioJungle? It almost sounds like this one was edited to obscure the watermark. With the original file, I can track down the item almost immediately, but as soon as it’s edited in any manner that becomes impossible.

Otherwise we’ll need to rely on someone recognizing this track, which would be very impressive given there are now over a million tracks available. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I was given this audio and didn’t hear the audio jungle watermark Until I put my headset on.
Unfortunately I don’t have any other file or the original File, If some one can recognize it, would be insanely great, Thank you for taking your time to respond.