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If it was two different videos (the one you showed to client and the one he uploaded himself) then the system will claim each one, since releasing claim from one video does not give a free license for any other video, even if it’s the same, but on another channel. I know, it’s so annoying to deal with it, but it is what it is.

He does not need to purchase it again, just send a license to HAAWK

He will have to show a license he got from AJ purchase and it will clear the claim. It is a standard procedure these days in the whole music industry.

I’ve made a mental shortcut :slight_smile: VH authors used my music in hundreds of VH templates. Awesome number of clients came to me to buy music used in template preview they bought so I treat them as common VH and AJ clients and take responsibilty for them. As said imho VH/AJ clients may have problem in the future if they do not clear claims straight after the upload.

If you transfer license you bought to your client, he doesn’t need to purchase it again. Just send him Envato license which he can show to clear tye claim. But remember that 1 license = 1 client. VH authors prefere to use watermarked previews and let their clients decide if they want to buy it or use something different.

Btw here is a quick tip: if you create video shorter than 30 seconds, CID will probably not scan it these days. If you use AJ logo, it will probably not scan it as well. Though I would prefere to solve the claim straight after the video Youtube upload.

And remember you can always ask a composer to whitelist your Youtube video or whole channel.

Feel free to ask me if you have any concerns. CID is a new standard in Youtube and doesn’t make problems if used properly. You only need to show license or get author’s permission.

Remember that every composer can register their track with CID anytime. And he probably will sooner or later.

just imagine, my client is very far from all details about purchasing tracks, sending emails to some HAWWK company, e.t.c. He just payed me for ready product and dont want to think about anything else, and one day he will be informed about the unlicensed track in his video…

It is standard license file upload button in Youtube claim. Really, easy as possible, millions of Youtibe creators use it

I fully understand you. But this is a cheap stock, where we sell thousands and have to use automated copyright protection tools.

To avoid confusion:

  • find a composer who will sign contract with promise he will not register tracks with CID (it will be probably relatively expensive)
  • or use already registered CID tracks which will get instant claim after Youtube upload and which will be quickly solved by uploading AJ license without any consequences. Short instruction from your side could be helpful as many authors do that, including AJ authors.

And I think that clients who buy your works for couple of dollars need to obey the copyright law. Unless you take the responsibility.

@SinCabeza btw I have checked your portfolio and I see that you have only footages without music. Please describe me what problem you encouter, maybe I could help. I am not sure what do you mean by saying that VH clients do not have to buy AJ license. It is obvious that they don’t need to buy it for VH items without music. But templates synced with music need them. One license for one client (if they use it of course).

WOW, thanks for visiting my portfiolio )
I also do some advertising videos, so I have to use music there and yes, I buy it on AJ. Is it strange for you ?
Where I told that VH clients dont have to buy license ? I meaned that I bought license and send my work to client, who can upload video to youtube and get a claim for unlicensed music.

I just wanted to help. I sense a bit of offensiveness from your side in exchange.

As I said, if you want to offer pro services to your custom clients and walkournd CID, you need to order custom music outside stock. But I suppose it will be much cheaper to deal with the standards in our industry and tell buyer how to make simple CID claim clearence.

CID is a standard in most of stocks if we like it or not. It just became little more efficient.