I did not received last month payout from SWIFT (Market - CodeCanyon)


Hope you are doing well. I’m using swift transfer for the payout method from the last 2.5 years. Each transaction I have received in maximum 4-5 days after release the payout.

But I still not received (November 2022) payout its almost 17 days from today. i have contacted with bank manager they are saying they did not received any request. After I have contacted with envato support team they are saying they have already released the payment also they have sent me the transfer statement (not swift transfer statement) last day have contact again with bank manager they are saying they need swift transfer code or statement for track payment.

So I have contacted with Envato support for swift transfer id they are saying they don’t have access to it.

Please give me some tips on what I need to do now.


There’re similar threads on the forum.

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maybe its still not resolved yet

Same problem =(

have you contact with envato support?

Not yet. I contacted with support of my bank. May be i filled a wrong details in payout. It is my first SWIFT payment

have you received the payment back to your Envato wallet?


i have discussed with Envato support today they are saying if the payment has failed. it will add to the envato author wallet


Yeah i got my money back


the payment still has not arrived at the bank its already 1 month left :frowning:

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@AMCoders Did you receive your money in your bank account or was it reversed to your codecanyon wallet?

I am currently facing this issue. I usually get my money in 1-2 days after envato notification but it’s been 7 days now. My bank says the payment is not on their end yet and they are requesting for section ID or telex copy of the payment to assist me further.

Kindly update me how your case went.


Hello. I have the same problem. I still haven’t received my income.

For this month march also?

Yes, this month. From March 15th.

Wow… Let’s hope it’s an issue from envato or swift then. I have contacted envato support about 24 hours ago but I have not received response yet.

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Did I understand correctly that you didn’t receive the money either? I also contacted support and am waiting for a response.

Yes, I have not received mine also. This is the first month with delays for over 3 years now.

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I think everything is going to be alright!

that payment i was received after 2 months.
but the current month payout has not arrived yet.

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