February 15 SWIFT Withdrawals

Anyone using swift made their withdrawals processed by envato already? Thanks

My withdrawal is still under processing.

I really hope this can be processed as soon as possible :slightly_smiling:

Still waiting

Still waiting

Yes, I have received the email for the swift is successfully processed.

This is actually my first time using SWIFT so I’m a little bit anxious…

Still pending under Withdrawals page. No confirmation email yet

Yes interesting is that almost every time 15 drops on Monday, payments go late.

Same Here, SWIFT payment is not processed and no confirmation email received either.

Still nothing…

Same here waiting for our withdrawal, as last month it was on 15…Good Luck to all

Same problem “Currently processing withdrawals”

Will there be an official statement from the Envato staff?

Anyone already got SWIFT withdrawal to bank account?

Still nothing. Envato must have forgotten about us :laughing:

no official announcements?

Still processing, i think it will be today latter, in 1-2 hours, or tomorrow morning.

This problem is just for CIS countries, i think, because most replies come from this countries.

What the hell? Normally at noon I have my money on the account, but today nothing, no money, no confirmation email. No official statement either.