Swift/Payment withdrawals for Dec not initiated yet?

I can still see pending withdrawals at my withdrawal page.

Same here … i didn’t get the confirmation mail that i got payed like usual… the same thing happened also the previous month…

I am sending a support ticket about this as its already 16th December in Australia and my withdrawals are still pending.

Just check my account…everything is fine here…got the money …but not confirmation message from envat o like usual…

Me too, I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Me too … I haven’t got the confirmation mail yet and also my bank account is still pending verification!

It’s same here. Other authors processed their $. We didn’t received any money and Process email.

Yeah, same here, still pending. Wonder when we will get a response about this ?

Today i got the money in my bank account(Fastest than ever) but still having pending withdrawals on withdrawals page and no notification email which we usually get every month.

Yes, the same

same here
is 16 here to and the withdrawal is still pending

it’s the 17th and still pending! I’ll expect my money tomorrow on my bank account :rage:

I can confirm the actual bank transfer was successful, but I can still see the ‘Currently processing withdrawals’ panel and haven’t received any email so far.

Hi all,

Did you receive November month payments? I dont. Withdrawal page still indicates my payment under process.

Is this normal? Usually I got payments on 16th every month.

PS - I’m a GR author.

same problem. :(unamused:

Same here :expressionless:

I received Payoneer payment but it’s still processing at withdrawal page.

Same here. No email notification. Still pending.

I am ok if it keeps showing it pending as i already got the payment :wink:

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Lucky you :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting payment via PayPal,

but it’s still processing at withdrawal page.

I didn’t get the confirmation mail that i got payed like usual.