Please help. I did not received any SWIFT withdrawal.

Anyone having the same issue with SWIFT withdrawal? I haven’t receive any words from Envato today and I’m anxious about it. The full amount is still on the withdrawal page.

Last year I posted the same issue though. Here is the link: [2016] February 15 SWIFT Withdrawals

Yes I have the same problem. I sent support ticket but still no answer.


@KingDog @SpaceStockFootage any official response?

Anyone that we can contact? I hope that Envato will have a live support for authors someday. This is quite an important matter. Or we just have wait for support to reply every 2 -4 days? Thanks


For those who are having the same issue, I just received the email confirmation that the money has already been sent to my bank account. I hit support several times yesterday and tweet envato_help on Twitter several times. Sorry for not being patient enough but this Ian (the support guy) is awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve received email confirmation too, half hour ago, thanks! Although I didn’t receive support answer yet.

But please Envato, be more precise when adding dates in Dashboard withdraw tab when withdrawal will be processed. Now this withdrawal is processed on 16. February but you stated that it will be processed on 15.

Relax guys ! There’s no need to panic. It looks like withdrawal has been processed but email notification was not sent until just now. This issue happens almost every month and I’m sure some Authors in some countries might have received their payment(depends on bank).

Not really. My withdrawal was standing in Dashboard until I got email half hour ago.

I usually receive money in my bank 2-3 hours after they send it so definitely it was not sent until now.