My problem may differ from yours

Hi, I have been frustrated with not receiving my earnings for the month of March via SWIFT. My payout page says that the payment have been processed, however when I check my bank account the money is not reflected. I callled my bank to verify and they have not received any money through SWIFT. This is unusual since I have never had this problem before. I have opened a support ticket from yesterday April 17 in my country and I only received an automated message. Envato Support needs to take author earnings more seriously. I have bills to pay and I have been waiting on the money. I contacted my bank so the problem is not with my bank. Normally after receiving the email from Envato about payment being processed I could check my account the same day or the day after and the money would be there. I did not change my payment option so it would go to the same account it has been going to for about a year now. Please anyone in support could contact Envato’s bank to verify what has happened to my earnings would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, several authors have a similar problem with SWIFT, we talk about it in this topic: Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato


Thank you @QuanticaLabs , I didn’t see that thread. I will give it a read to see whats going on. As I said this is the first time something like that have happened since I have been on Envato.