I can't see my October payment on Swift (old payment system)

Afer the over 500 dolars selling, envato sended my payment to swift and now i cant reach the any mony on swift. I do not any idea to get my payments. Is anybody here to help me about that…


Payment system has been updated.

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So, do you have any solution for this?

@erkanyalcinkaya I’ve just checked, and you haven’t been moved across to the new payment system yet - your SWIFT payment is still being processed through the original Envato Market system.

I’ll send you a DM with more information.

I searched and i couldnt find any informnation about payment changes

When your account is added to the new payment system, we will send an email with more instructions on what to do. We’ve been sending these to each batch of authors at the start of each month, around 6 weeks before they will be paid through that system.

Is there anything i have to do for this step?Or, Do i need to wait until the mail sended me?

No need to do anything until you receive that email.

As each new batch of authors is moved across, our developers need to create payment accounts in the new system. Once your account has been created, we’ll send an email with more information about how you can set up your personal information and select a payout method.