Payout processed but we haven't received the amount

Hello everyone.
We received the payment processed email on 15 August (Payment processed with Swift).
It is for the first time we are going to receive the payout using Swift.
We haven’t received the money after 5 days.
We received the payout calculation email on 2 Aug and the payout processed email on 15 Aug.
Is there anyone with the same problem?
Thank you.

Contact Envato support

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@ki-themes we already did but haven’t received any answer yet.

@mgscoder Any ideas as an experienced community member?

Hi @rocketsoft, there can be few reasons like your Bank rejection, your provided SWIFT code is wrong etc. Envato author support is the right team to check what is going wrong with your payout. Currently support team is a little busy with the open tickets volume, please keep patience. Thanks


Support is not working at the weekends and it may take couple of days to get a respond.

Ask for MT103 document for SWIFT from the Envato support. Forward the document to your bank ( relationship manager ) then they would be able to track the money.

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