Withdrawal issue

I’ve been an author here for over 7 years. Over the last 7 years, I generated over $80k in sales and made countless SWIFT withdrawals for my local bank account directly from my envato account.

But this has changed recently as I received this email:

Hi omarabid,

Unfortunately our bank cannot make payments to Tunisia, can you please make a new withdrawal to an alternative payment option.


Given that I make yearly (yes that’s right) withdrawals of my balance, I carefully planned this withdrawal beforehand. But apparently, Envato changed the rules without informing its authors. Nevertheless, there are other payment options like Skrill that can do the job.

So I quickly made another withdrawal via Skrill and emailed the support agent a few hours later. But here is the email I got today

Hi omarabid,

Unfortunately you have missed the deadline for payments this month, this payment will be processed next month.


No I did not miss the payments deadline. I have made my withdrawal well before the deadline. You made a change that you did not inform your authors about beforehand.

Can someone here help me in this situation. I know it’s a bit desperate but this is the single withdrawal I make since last year and I have to fill my taxes very soon. It’s a BIG one and I’m relaying on it.

Well, that’s very unfortunate situation, given that Tunisia is not in the restricted country list: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/206208390-What-Countries-Can-I-Not-Use-Envato-From-

IMO, if there were no indications of such restrictions, Envato should take full responsibility and provide real help in this situation, instead of just telling to wait for another 30 days.

Sorry to hear about your bank troubles. Those are never fun :frowning:

You’ll want to go through the Help Team for any withdrawal issues as we can’t really help with account related stuff here on the forums. I don’t know if they can do anything about Swift’s deadlines, but they will be the ones to talk to. Thanks!

I’m not sure if your comment help. I opened this thread because of the support team response.