Getting late with swift paymets?



Getting a bit late with swift payments?

Usually I get the mail till now, should we expect it soon since banks here need time also.

Thank you


Same here. In addidion I received weird e-mail about my account qualifies for an express withdrawal (?) while I’m not even close to exceeding the required balance.


Same here, no e-mail nothing.


Nothing here either… looks like we won’t make it today since banks in Australia are closed by now.


Same here.


Same here :expressionless:


Same here :frowning:


I’ve just received my Swift, as usual. Don’t know why didn’t receive standard confirmation e-mail :confused:


Yes i can confirm also we got it, but no email and in withdraws tab it still is not refreshed.


Nope, still nothing here :frowning:


What is it?


Got the withdrawal email 7 hours back which was late comparing to previous months. But received money on my local bank right now.



:blush: I’m far away from being eligible for “express withdrawal”

Thanks for the information. Will see if we can be eligible for it someday