Withdrawl still not processed.

It’s 16th May and my withdrawl still not processed…Anyone else have the same issue or should i be concerned?

Not alone, same here. Really hope to see it soon. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you for the answer. So it is happening to everybody else.

in US its still 15th :grinning:

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They are calculating by Australian time :slight_smile: And there, it’s 16th .

Don’t worry, they always move it to the next business day when the 15th falls on a weekend. Expect the withdrawal to happen some time today :wink:


not anymore. At least, after they moved to US withdrawals started to process in totally different time.
last month it was around 6 pm Pacific time.

I thought it is automated, but seems even because it is Sunday, it comes only on working days…

hi my friend , i just think that there may be a reason and i guess that one day or two is a possible delay after that there would be reasons to worry … but not yet lol

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same there

Received Payoneer - Waiting For my Paypal Withdrawal :slight_smile:

Edit : Received Paypal Too :slight_smile:

Just got it on Payoneer :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the reason withdrawal can may be rejected?

Just got my first $100 sent to Payoneer. Nice feeling :smile:

I requested mine on the 6th of may, and now it says it will come on the 15th of June? What’s going on here envato? it said the 15th of May originally…

It was gonna go towards my girlfriend’s birthday present! lol