Payment not yet processed

Normally the payoneer mail is received at around 4 Am to 8 Am but today nothing is received yet. Is anybody experiencing the same please

Thanks very much



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Did you receive money ?

I did not checked :slight_smile:

I don’t know

Not yet here. Hope that envato should inform us ahead of time if there is problem

Hi Mates!

No hurry! keep patience & wait few hour hope you will received soon.
Even i’m didn’t getting my envato account payments yet.


Payouts are not fully automated, and there is no official time when they are sent. It’s still mid-day, so wait patiently.

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Same here.

Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you very much

Thank you so much, Im waiting patiently

I am too waiting.

Thank you for the reply… yes let\s wait

If no one at least one of authors havent receive the payment until now then there could be a problem

That means , you received the payment ? or there could be a problem ?

Is already 4 PM now in Australian but not yet received the payment on Payoneer. Usually, at 9AM or 1PM, I receive the payment. Any official answer about this?

Same problem here, I also receive at arround 9am australia time, but not yet this time

Still no sign of payment through paypal too

Thanks for informing I was wondering if the issue lies with payoneer.