Payment not yet processed

Still nothing here in the philippines as of 2PM

We want to hear from envato officials. Anyone?

@themepixels Yes I also thinks there is a problem. I checked my previous mails till january 2018, and the most delayed was 9:15AM local time that is around 2:15PM their time, I hope an official may reply.That is also to get the email that envato has processed a payment, normally the email from payoneer has received maximum 7:45AM local time that is arround 11:00 PM

@anchor_point_heshan envato doesn’t care about us, they didn’t even posted about the delay. They only care about money.

@Norielle I’m really worried as I’m in a money eargency

Just received by Payoneer. Hope you will get it.

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Just out of curiosity, what delay are you talking about? As long as you receive funds on the 15th of January (in AEST) there is no delay.


I got too.

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Just received now Me Too :+1::+1:

@unlockdesign Payoneer asks for a national id card why ?

Not sure! May be User verification or security reason.

@unlockdesign It happened for other users as well please ?

yes, its happen with me too.
no worry submit your NID document, hope will issue will solved.

@unlockdesign Did you upload the driving license, I submitted, you received the money ?

Hey @Norielle,

Don’t think like that cause every author is part of Envato
A simple reason i’m telling you. if you/author aren’t part of envato then why they open Envato Author Help Center Separately?
But remember Envato have some rules/law that must have to maintaining is part this marketplace status.


@unlockdesign Does payoneer takes days to verify it ? Won’t I receive my money by today ?

No i don’t have driving license. I have received payment at payoneer.
I’m not sure how many time are taking but i hope very soon.

Any one face this issue please ?

Please, don’t waste time here. Just submit your ID to Payoneer and use their live chat for support. Any payment method can ask documents any time.