My Earning not arrive to my Payoneer Account!

My Earning not arrive to my Payoneer Account! :confused:

i got email from envato:

Hi Shicosoft,

We just processed your request for **.00USD via payoneer.

Happy Spending!

and not arrived yet! :pensive:

i contact with payoneer support they told me contact with envato support i send email from 4 days and no response…

anyone facing this issue?

Make sure to check your Social/Spam/Bulk folders. Maybe the response from envato arrived there :slight_smile:

As I know, the support tead is not working on weekends so you should receive your mail as soon as possible.


I believe it’s not Envato payment system, it’s Payoneer.
Please, keep the forum updated about the process. I was thinking to use Payoneer as well (I’m quite happy with PayPal but only problem is the exchange rates)

Sometime the payoneer take time to load the payment. Dont worry payoneer is safe. Have you refreshed the current balance on payoneer?

OMG, my money back to my envato account :no_mouth: so it’s will be process at 15th of the next month :disappointed:

Most likely.

Was this your first payment with Payoneer ? Is the Payoneer account set up correctly? Do you receive funds on debit card or bank account from Payoneer ?
Have you received an email from Payoneer? (check SPAM , maybe you used a different email address for your Payoneer account …)

If you’re using the Payoneer debit card, when you receive a payment from Envato you should get an email from Payoneer stating “You Received a Payment from Envato Pty Ltd - Click to Confirm”. You then have to confirm the payment and select a loading method: “Immediate Load” for $5 (funds are loaded within two hours) and “Standard Load” for $2 (funds are loaded within a few days).

Hey Friend,

First payment 17 Aug 2015, yes correctly I was receive every month no problems, debit card, no mails, i use same email.

I faced this issue last month, only the promises I still didnt get my money