15th February withdrawal malfunction.

Hi everyone!

In my withdrawal history stays - Date Processed 15Feb 2016. I don’t have my earning in my Paypal account, but the earnings just returned to my Envato balance. Does anyone have the same situation?

I have successfully received my payments in my Paypal. Contact Envato support about the issue.


I have the same, money just “refunded” back to account, but in my case it was SWIFT. Nothing in the statemtnt, and withdrawal is shown as already processed. I created a ticket already, but seems like its not just me…

Thank you for your answers guys! I’m kind of “glad”, that I’m not alone :neutral_face:

My 2nd paypal (partner) withdrawal still in processing…

Same happened here :confused:

Happened to me also :sweat:

Guys, this is my first withdrawal and my Payoneer account says zero… I’ve processed my withdrawals on 28th of January I did everything in order to get them on 15th of Feb… should I make a request payment from my Payoneer account so my money are shown on my account? Or envato is sending directly there since I made the setup with my Payoneer acc on my profile over here in withdrawals…

. I specifically made the setup for my payoneer account. After few days I saw the paypal setup with automated default withdrawal after I’ve made my Payoneer acc as my default withdrawal account, and
then, again, I’ve made my Payonneer account as default withdrawal … I have a message from envato on my mail saying I can claim my money but when I click my claim I see only paypal registration… Please Advice ?

Still in the que…

Man, I didn’t use Payoneer ever, I don’t know how it works with Payoneer. But with Paypal it worked fine many times. Now it is the first time, when I didn’t received my earnings.

Guys anyone got payments so far? Or at least a reply from support?

@KingDog can you take a look at here ?
I already submitted request to support team but they will take 5-7 days. :frowning:

I’m not on the Account or Help team so you wouldn’t want me poking my nose in there :smiley: They’ll hopefully be back to you as soon as they can. Thanks!

You can’t tell us whats happening there ? :confused: I thought you are on the help team.

Thanks For The Reply :slightly_smiling:

If anyone get an answer from support, let us know, guys.

I am in the same situation i make a ticket but for the moment not response, but I believe that this had happened to me once and days was solved a few days…

But do you know is this problem on paypal or envato side?

i don`t know :frowning:

I am the same. My withdrawal shows success with process but my bank did’t receive it. I contacted the team via support ticket. They say the money has been returned to your account. But it didn’t like @Coffeecream, the money just gone. And i’m still waiting the response from the support team.

This is what I’ve got from envato support:
"Unfortunately Paypal refused your payment. You will need to check with them as to what the issue is with your account. Sometimes there can be issues if you have not completed your w forms, so this may be the problem."
I’ve contacted paypal and waiting for their answer now.