Make Withdrawal money


Hello everyone!
I made withdrawal request to paypal account on last month then its processing
but My money returned to my envato balance. Its my first withdrawal
What Should I do?


I have the same situation, but second time. My money was returned to my envato balance in February, then in March (today). Before February everything was just fine. No idea what’s going on…


Hi, I would suggest to contact Envato Support. They can provide more details on this issue.


Contact Envato Help team & check your paypal details also. GL :slight_smile:


contact support and thn paste the ticket number with request on envato twitter. Thy will respond quickly


Hi creativerush !
What paypal details?
Should I manage paypal account? i did.t edit my paypal account


If all the required details (of PayPal) are right then contact to envato team. They will help you


But i recieved this email How to use ticket id?
Hi there,This is an automated response to let you know that we’ve received your request. Your ticket id is 450400.One of our team (not a robot) will assess your ticket shortly and assign it to the right team so they can assist you.Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same request, as this does not result in a faster response time.Have you tried searching our Help Center?Kind Regards
The Envato Market Help Team