Withdrawal doesn’t work!

Hi! Its my first withdrawal. I made withdrawal request to Paypal account on last month then its processing
but my money returned to my envato balance. What Should I do?

Check your Paypal Account For Any notifications - and your mail for paypal emails.

Checked and no notification of PayPal and checked the mail there is also no message.

Then Contact Envato - Maybe they will tell you whats happen : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hi, I have same issue about withdraw. Did you find what was going on?

Hi @zeljic

If your withdrawal was returned back into your account, that means the withdrawal failed.
The only option you have is to contact support using the link above, to find out why it failed, so that you may fix it for next month.

Hi @zeljic

My withdrawal was returned, and I get money from other payment system (Skrill, Swift). Most likely your country does not work with paypal and so you might not get the money. You have to withdraw from another payment system.


Thanks for answers.

I’ve used PayPal for about 10 times and everything worked just fine. I’m not sure if something is changed on themeforest or paypal side in last year.

I’m going to try other methods. Thanks.