Withdrawal request via PayPal made on 27 Sep 2016 rejected

Withdrawal request via PayPal made on 27 Sep 2016 rejected. So on 27 sept. I made a withdrawal request to paypal, it was more than 50$ and system said all is ok and money will be transferred, e-mail address was right, I checked it 5 times and paypal is supported for my country. Today (14 October) all money that was requested returned to my balance here. I was depending on that money since it is not best period in my life and was seriously disappointed with such setback. No e-mails was sent to me, I found it only when visited my profile page and checked statements. Also there was notifications from paypal about any transactions was declined or put on hold, so I gues the problem is on envato’s end.

I am deeply dissatisfied with such service, I can understand troubles with some minor things, or upload bugs from time to time, but I can’t understand how such things like money transfer (well we obviously here for money) can become such a headache. I am trying to be polite, but facing issues like this I don’t understand for what I am paying author’s fee and why I should continue to be an exclusive author here and not just leave for other marketplaces. I can understand errors, glitches and bugs in everything, but in field of money, when you wait for 15-18 days to receive your money after request and than don’t receive them, it is simply not acceptable.

I created new ticket in support - number: 620962, hope someone from staff will read this post and speed things up, cause I was depending on this money since there is some bills I am a bit past time to pay.

While I am waiting for support to answer I was wondering, for sure some of people here was in situation like this and gone through process with support finding what was the cause. So what it was for you when your withdrawal request was rejected in the day when all others received they payment?

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with your withdrawal, but these issues are best handled by support. In most cases they’re an issue with the payment gate and support takes them very serious and handles them immediately. Cheers!

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Well, since no one answers I guess I am the one who was lucky enough… will appreciate if someone who faced this issue and managed to solve it give some feedback about the process.

@KingDog, @matthewcoxy, @BenLeong can you guys check this issue out? Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!)

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Heya! The account help team will help you out as soon as they can. Thanks!


Thank you, this meens a lot!

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Hey @DigitalT1ger payments are obviously super important. Bugs in regards to payments are pretty rare, but when they happen we want to hear about them ASAP.

Forums are an awesome place to get support from other authors, but if you need a staff member to tend to something ASAP then I recommend reaching out to the help team :slight_smile:

Thank you! This was the first time I ever faced such problem and was overreacting, now I know what was needed to be done, thank you, hope this will get resolved fast =)

So what was wrong, it just happened to me now?