Paypal withdrawal not received

Hi everyone,

Finally i got my first withdrawal email from envato and a “claim my payment “ email from paypal.

I didn’t know that my paypal email was not verified. But paypal support can see my payment and they didn’t not reject the payment.

Did this happen to anyone else. How did u resolve the issue.
Envato wants me to ask paypal to resolve the issue and paypal wants me to ask paypal to do the same.

I am confused. Is it possible for envato to cancel my withdrawal and re-sent the payment.


Unlikely. If it does go back to your Envato account for whatever reason, before the end of the month, then they’ll send it again next month.

What does the claim your payment email say… doesn’t it tell you what to do?

The email wants me to click the link for claiming my payment. (But i dont see any errors in paypal and redirect me to paypal dashboard.

The amount will be automatically returned to envato on march 16th since i am unable to claim.

Right, so Envato won’t be sending it again until the middle of April. Best to make sure whatever the issue is, is resolved by then… so it doesn’t happen again.

update: paypal confirmed that the payment was denied by paypal on day one ie 15th feb and the money is with envato.
But envato need to review the transaction by their financial team.

Hope they will re sent the payment soon.

The whole withdrawal thing feels like scam.
The support team did not respond to my email from 23rd Feb and suddenly today(March 1st) they returned my earning back to my envato account. So that i cannot make withdrawal until April 15.


How so? Envato sent the money to your Paypal account, Paypal denied the money, and it was sent back to your Envato account. They’ll do exactly the same thing next month, so it’s up to Paypal to fix whatever issue is causing them to not accept your payment.

The money wasn’t sent back to my envato account when it was denied on 15th feb. The money was with envato.

It was returned today after 2-3weeks to my envato account.

Makes sense. The money isn’t sent directly from your account, i.e. there isn’t a seperate Paypal sending address for each withdrawal… they all come from the one email address like or something like that. So when a payment is returned, it is returned to Envato, not to your account. Somebody needs to check where the payment came from and which account to route it back to.

As that has to be done manually, it doesn’t happen instantly. Sure, two to three weeks is quite a long time for them to sort it, so I can understand your frustration… but Envato have held up their part of the bargain. They sent the money to your Paypal as requested. It’s not their fault that it got returned.