Withdraw earnings


Dear Community members

I am a CodeCanyon author and earned some money on the market
I now want to withdraw the money to my friend’s paypal and i requested withdrawal last month
Envato said they will process my request on Jan 15(yesterday)
However , it did not arrive at friend’s paypal account yet

Can you give me a tip for this?
I have submitted a message to Envato with no luck
If anyone helps me, it would be grateful


There’s nothing we could do, you need to contact the support but they have already transfered the payments from last month. There should be a problem with your friends PayPal ( Why don’t you use your PayPal anyway? )


This Month Withdrawals are processed on 13 jan (mostly as i know).

You will Get Conformation mail when its processed successfully.

Check your friends paypal account personally if everything is okey, contact envato support


this is the message i got when i requested withdrawal


Hi Kalesberg,

We’re just letting you know that we got your request to pay out $254.68 via PayPal to betterman2046@hotmail.com.

You can cancel this request any time before 31 December 2016 here:

We will complete this request on the 15 January 2017 (or the next business day), but it can take up to 7 days to appear in your account. A second confirmation email will be sent at this time.


Envato Market Team

Psst! Remember - this is not a marketing email. Since you have an Envato Account, we want to keep you informed about transactions, operational updates or changes to our websites.


I have a friend with paypal account
He needs some money these days and we ( his friends ) want to help him in every possible way

You can’t stand if your loyal friend is going through thick and thin!


While many authors seem to have received funds on Jan 13 (AEST), it does not appear that all withdrawals have processed yet. You should continue to wait patiently and check back on the withdrawals page later to see if it went thru (you will see it is currently Processing).

Envato will send an email to your account’s primary email address once it is processed. It will either say “Withdrawal failed” or “We sent you money”.

If it does fail then you can contact support since nobody here can help you with that. :slight_smile:


hi Baileyherbert
Thank you for your reply

I feel a bit relieved after your post