Withdrawal Rejection despite PayPal account "in good standing"


I have recently come to know that my earnings for the past month have not been withdrawn and the operation was rejected. I have looked around the forums and people suggest that the associated PayPal account may be limited or unverified, but I have contacted them and they have responded:

“I have reviewed your account and can see that you have no limitation of any kind on your account. Your account is in a good standing to send and receive payments.”

Of course I have more than the $50 limit to be withdrawn,and I never had such issue in the past 2 years being using CodeCanyon.

What could go wrong here? kindly advise.


For cases like this, it’s best to get in touch with support so they can help figure out exactly what went wrong.

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Same thing for me this month. This is the first time that happen.
The support told me to see that with Paypal but my account works perfectly and I have anything to provide to PayPal. The payment from Envato did not work this time. They should and not me have more information about that (id of transaction for example) From my side I can’t do anything mutch but waiting for the payment.
This things happen and I can really understand that but the support should be able to see what’s wrong with their payment.