Paypal Withdrawal Rejected


Hi! Dec 27 2016 is when I withdrawed my money to paypal but my request was rejected and my paypal account was locked! What happened? Does anyone know why? Please help.

Why reject my withdrawal? All is ok with my PayPal acc.

Contact PayPal first then Envato Support There’s an amount that you could receive ( I think 1500$ ) without providing any documents per year but if you didn’t provide these, they may locked the account and Envato couldn’t transfer the money.


So my withdrawal amount should be $1500 for paypal to accept it? WTF!


No, you have provide documents ( national ID, some bills, accommodation contract, etc )
If you don’t, approx after 1500$ -2000$ (may be different now) your account will be blocked

My case, I had more than one account ( different countries )


If your PayPal account is locked then you should be contacting PayPal, as we are not PayPal support nor are we Envato support. Minimum withdrawal via PayPal is $50 and you clearly met that.

You probably got locked for looking suspicious or something. If this is your first time receiving money on your PayPal account then it could indeed be a documentation issue. Contact PayPal, not Envato.

PayPal support (can help you):
Envato support (can’t really help you):

You won’t be able to get your withdrawal this month most likely. If you get your PayPal issue fixed by the end of this month you can request withdrawal again.


I have asked support to send money for other PayPal account. As you think, so far there is a process of withdrawal of funds, they will send me them on other account?


I was talking about this: