Withdraw earning payoneer

Hello, it’s the first time to withdraw my earning:

I’ve received a message from envato:
We just processed your request for 100.00USD via payoneer.
but when I open the payoneer account I find that my funds is 0$:

Go to your payoneer account and check on Activity > Payment History . May be payment is on process, if thats the case then it will show when the fund will load in your account.

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Payments are made on the 15th of each month

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Thank you very much you’re right it’s what I need

but what after that :joy: Should I click on “Click here to load your card.”

Thank you very much for helping me

Yep I guess you should click on the link. But I never faced such thing instead it used to show date when the fund will be in my account. May be its showing because your payoneer account is new or your first transaction from Envato.

thank you, I click on Immediate option and Payoneer told me that I can withdraw my earning in 2 hours, Thank you again my friend

Yea :slight_smile: