No April withdrawals?

Hey guys,

did you received your payments for April?

Is it just me or there is a problem for someone else too?

I am using Payoneer and there is still nothing. My TF withdrawal page shows the withdrawal for April as “processing”.

Sorry but it’s not even payout day in many parts of the world still. For example, here in Arizona USA, it’s only 9pm on the 14th.

Envato of course is in Sydney so it’s early afternoon there. They have until the end of the day to pay you before it’s late.

So there’s still many hours.

P.S. The withdrawal page doesn’t update for a while.

Hey baileyherbert,

thanks for the clarification, but I am not a new author that needs to be educated with general information on how withdrawals work.

I know it’s STILL 15th in Sidney, but as you already mentioned in your comment, it’s afternoon in Australia and usually the payments would be processed till now (based on my previous 84 withdrawals for 7 straight years :wink: ), so I have a reason to ask.


Got it.

There’s been times where I received withdrawals many hours ago.
There’s also been times where I received it 3 hours from now.
And once I received it a day late.

There’s no specific time and it varies each month. But they’ll always work to send out payments as quickly as possible so rest assured. :slight_smile:

Also do not take offense that I explained the withdrawals in details. New authors may have the same question and can see my full answer above.

Hey baileyherbert,

No offense taken!

Your post just didn’t answer my question as I asked something specific and not how withdrawals work in general. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to know if it’s just me or not, because my Payoneer MasterCard expired last month and was replaced with new one.

Got some strange messages from envato about payoneer account activation that must be verified by Payoneer too when activated the new card, so I am worried if everything is OK. It’s not my first card replacement and never received such mails before.

If it’s just me, I’d have to take some measures and contact support. If it’s not just me - everything is OK. That’s why I am asking.

Hope it’s clear now. :slight_smile:

Sure, I misunderstood. I have not received my April payout yet. I use PayPal.

No paypal notifications yet :confused:

Well, that’s great! ( uhmm… “great” sounds a bit weird, but at least there’s no problem on my end :smiley: )

Thanks, guys.

Not received yet, still waiting!

Just received payout. :slight_smile:

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Out of 4 payment 2 are received still 2 payments pending

Got payment from non-exclusive account but still no payment from exclusive one :\

Update: got it :slight_smile:

Hey theALThemist

Just wanted to ask you what’s the process of replacing soon to be expired Payoneer MasterCard (how many months before expiring should I contact Payoneer support etc.)

You’ll receive a mail with instructions 2 months before the current card expire.

The good thing is they send cards to Europe from UK now and it only takes 6-8 days. Last time it was 40+ days with standard mail OR $60 charge for express DHL delivery.

I received my payment