SWIFT payment (Envato Market) has not arrived for a week.

Usually I received a SWIFT payment within 24 hours after Envato notification about it had been shipped. However, the last one from September 15, 2022 has not yet arrived. My bank says they didn’t receive the transfer, Envato says they sent it. Has anyone had this before? Where did you go and how did you solve the problem? I will be grateful for your experience and advice.

I hope issue with bank. Because we are also using Swift payments. Are you received email notifications Envato and bank ?

For weekend and holidays it can be delay. You should contact envato author support and let them know.

Yes, sure. I asked Envato support about this problem and they provided me with the document with transaction ID. But my bank still does not see this payment. They told me that the sender bank should ask correspondent bank to find this payment.

Yes, sure. I already asked them. SWIFT reglament is 5 business days and they are already out.

Same problem here, still didn’t received the payment and my bank can’t see the transaction so asked me to contact the support and request the transaction document

Wow, it seems it is tendendtion here. I also from Ukraine and my bank is PrivatBank.

Monobank, Ukraine. So not bank-related but the country is most likely.

I’ve asked mono support if there were any changes in the receiver requisites and the answer was no, all is the same as before. So let’s hope this is just some internal delay

PS. :zipper_mouth_face: Goddamn don’t look at my “Z” avatar, the “branding” of the account was selected a long time before the invasion…

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I had the same problem several months ago. It can take one-two week, depends on holidays and weekends, plus technical issues.

I have the same problem. I did not receive a transfer via SWIFT. (Ukrsibbank)

I’m happy to say that I just received the payment for September. I hope you all also received it.


I’m happy for you, thanks for letting know. I still haven’t received the transfer.

SWIFT payment just landed, Monobank.

Great, congratulations. It seems musiciant will also receive it today :slight_smile:

@ZuzuZa @Stepasyuk
Did you make a SWIFT payment to your FOP account? If so, can you tell me if there are any pitfalls when paying taxes?

Hello Dmytro.

Unfortunately I can’t provide you with details about FOP and taxes. But I think any accountant in Ukraine (for example this one - Redirecting... ) will provide you with details about how to make all things correctly.


@Stepasyuk Hello, Did you receive swift transfer this June, I’m still struggle for waiting

I received a payment - but for the swift Envato took 50 dollars instead of 25 - support said it wasn’t. :thinking:

@kwst Bank country please?